Macomber sends out 2 in the Breeders Crown final

Girls rule. The current leading trainer at Hoosier Park, Jamie Macomber makes her training debut in the Breeders Crown as she sends out Carols Z Tam and Beckhams Z Tam. “When you start a new adventure you always have high hopes and big dreams.” Macomber said. Jamie was a part of the Ron Burke crew as she was in charge of the Indiana barn, at the age of 30 she decided to start training horses full time and her career has really taken off since she made the decision. “Did I dream about this? Yes. Did I think this would happen? Yes. This soon? No, I never dreamed that last year, a year later I would be starting in the Breeders Crown” added Jamie.

Everyone works so hard all year long to make it to the Breeders Crown. And this year it just so happened to be at Macombers home track. “Even though Carol is a good filly, who knows I may not have shipped her anywhere else to race.” Jamie said as we kicked off the interview about the impressive eliminations by her three year olds. I was curious to see what Jamie had thought about these two when they had first came to her. “Beckham as a two year old showed Wilbur (former trainer) a lot of good horse qualities. Wilbur had me prepared that Beckham was a good horse. He was still green at the beginning of his two year old year, but he had the speed, and the ability, we just had to put it all together. We had high hopes for him to be in the Breeders Crown.” Jamie explains. “We staked a bunch of our three year olds, just in case, because it was here, we would have been upset if we had these nice three year olds and couldn’t race them.” she added. Carol on the other hand took Jamie by a little bit of surprise “I didn’t think she would, but she just kept getting better and better and better. She has also had more problems per say than Beckham. She has a huge heart and when she goes behind that gate she is all business.” said Jamie.

Carols Z Tam was a hard charging 4th in her elimination. “I was probably the most nervous I have ever been in my entire life, I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest when I was standing up by the watch deck. She was the only one (other than Blazin Britches whom raced a few times at Hoosier) who races there consistently, so I knew we had that on our side. She knows when she hits the three quarter pole it is time to go to work. But she did have the nine hole, so you never now what kind of road trouble you’re going to get into.” Macomber explains.

Beckhams Z Tam was sitting last at the three quarter pole, coming his last quarter in 26 seconds, only to get beat two lengths for the win and finished third. Another impressive elimination effort. “Beckham on the other hand, always has so much pressure on him every other week, to beat Rock N Tony or Meadowbrook Tiger. I’ve learned to relax a little bit with Beckham and not put so much pressure on him, so I thought to myself ‘we’ve got this under control, we can beat four horse.’ Our goal was to just get into the final and not necessarily win our eliminations.” Jamie explained.

Now that both of Jamie’s horses had made it into the final, the waiting began to see what post positions they were going to draw. Carols Z Tam draws post 6 and Beckhams Z Tam draws post 5. “I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them in the middle of the pack and out sprint everybody home.” Jamie explained as we talked about the post positions, she is happy with what they drew and sees it as an advantage to both of her starters.

The Breeders Crown is the biggest race of the year or they wouldn’t say “It all comes down to the Breeders Crown.” The mixed emotions from all of the connections have to be overwhelming, the nervous, the excitement, the happiness and even the heart break. “It would mean so much to me to win the Breeders Crown, with such great people, including mu husband, it would be just a dream come true.” she remarks.

Ryan Macedonio refers to Jamie as “The queen of Hoosier Park” which if you have met Jamie you would know she is the kindest and nicest person out there. Always smiling and asking how you are. Best of luck to Jamie and Ricky Macomber as they send Carols Z Tam out in the 3 year old filly pace final, race 9 post 6, Friday night and Beckhams Z Tam will start from post 5 in the three yr old colt pace final, race 11, which both take place at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino.

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Breeders Crown, Ella Christina

“The last three weeks my focus has been on Ella and the Breeders Crown. This is what we all worked for all year long.” Surick exclaimed. Nick runs his own training operation in New Jersey along with owning some horses with other trainers and has even thrown some thoroughbreds in the mix as well. But all of that means nothing to him right now as he is getting ready to make his training debut in the Breeders Crown with Ella Christina in the three year old filly pace. Last year, Nick teamed up with trainer Erv Miller and sent  Someomensomewhere to post as his first start as an owner in the Breeders Crown, she ended up winning the two year old filly pace final, with an exciting and close finish.

Ella Christina was had a barn change earlier this year. I was curious to see what Nick thought of her when he first got her, what kind of stock was he dealing with? “We kind of bought her as just an overnight race horse. I dropped her in a non winners of 6 at Yonkers and she didn’t get in.”  Surick said. “The Adioo Volo was coming up and last year it was a five horse field and I kind of thought it was going to be the same way this year because people might be afraid of Blazin Britches. They actually ended up drawing 17 horses and I drew the eight hole, my plan wasn’t working out as well as I wanted it to going into it, but she ended up splitting into the easier division and winning at 50/1, after her first start she was pretty much a free horse.” Nick added.

Ella Christina was a participant in The Jugett elimination finished 4th, made her way into the final. She drew the 7 hole and was parked the whole mile. She then went to the Lady Maud  at Yonkers, where she was the 3/5 favorite and was unfortunately scratched. She also competed in The Courageous Lady, “I was disappointed in her the night of the race, then Monday morning came and I pulled her blood and she had tied up. We had shipped her five hours to Northfield Park the morning of the race and I don’t think it was her style.” Surick said.

Okay now lets gets to business, Ella Christina had a very impressive elimination, shook loose the last 16th of the mile to win in 1:51.0 coming the last quarter 26.3. Paying $72.00 to win. “I was hoping for no elimination in the Breeders Crown because I thought she needed a break. But we only had to beat one for the final. I knew she was talented enough to race with these horses because she has beaten them before, I just didn’t think she would win that night, because our plan was to just trip her out from behind and make it to the final.” Surick explained.

Ella Christina for driver Tim Tetrick draws post three in the final, Nick says “If we could have picked our post position we would have picked the three. I can honestly say that right now, today and after the elimination this is the best she has been attitude wise, weight wise, soundness wise, everything right now is lining up to be perfect for her going into this race and we just need a little bit of racing luck.”

“Everyone dreams of being a part of a horse that makes it to the Breeders Crown, when I started training horses I never thought that I would actually make it here.” Nick says as he reflects on this amazing opportunity. “The number of people that make it to this level are very slim and I have been very fortunate to have a great team to support me and amazing owners that have backed me up from the start and every step of the way. We’ve all grown together. I think teamwork is very important and I am very thankful for my team, and that everyone gets along great.”

“It all comes down to the Breeders Crown, this is what we all work for and this is my focus. Everything that crosses my mind has to do with one horse. It would be absolutely amazing to win my training debut in the Breeders Crown.”

Best of luck to Nick, Tim and of course Ella Christina as they go to the gate in race 9 from post 3 at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino for the 3 year old filly pace Breeders Crown final.

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